There's something weird about this show...

Yeah, apart from it actually being pretty wierd, you may have noticed these cartoons look very sharp, but very bad graphics. That's because Wheatbelt Castle is the worlds first realtime 3D web cartoon! (as far as I know) This means you can drag to look around and click stuff. The Wheatbelt is full of wacky jokers just like you and me all trying to scrape it together. So please spare some sympathy for...


Is an orphan elf child. Or at least he was in his inception as a Dungeons and Dragons character. Now he takes it easy renting a house in the Wheatbelt. Mugget likes plastic army men, kole beer and BMX.

Tad Marimo

Beware of this slippery character, Tad lives in the swamp and sometimes comes up to the house for fun, pranks and laffs.

The Willy Nose Man

The Willy Nose Man is a man of many pleasures. From protein powder pizza, to days on end of playing 3D platformers. His favourite show is Cheese TV.

It isn't loading!

Sorry to hear. The first time can take a bit longer because your device has to load the Blend4Web engine. After that, other episodes should load faster. If it's still not working I recommend clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page. If you are still having issues, try another browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera.

Come on man, it's still not loading..

Well, make sure your browser is up to date and that your device hardware supports WebGL. It might be time to upgrade your device if you don't meet the specs.

It's playing, but the characters are all rigid.

I bet you're using an iPhone. iPhones have a bone limit of 48 or something lame. In later episodes I've cut back the amount of bones in each armature, so try a later one.

It loaded, but there's no audio. So now you're making silent films?

I find this happens on some phones if the bin and json files load before the audio. Just refresh the page.

How do I move the camera?

Hold and drag the mouse around or drag your finger along the mobile screen. Most scenes have this ability, but not all.

Where are the easter eggs?

All over the place. Some are more obvious than others, but often I try to put them at the end. Click objects and characters to see if anything happens.

I want to pause the episode. Is that so hard?

I know, I know. I'll get around to adding that. In the meantime you can just change tabs.

Talk to the Man in Charge

Miniture figurine fan and tech wizard, Mugget is here to answer all your queries, ideas and knock knock jokes. Please contact him at mugget@wheatbeltcastle.com